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The Concord ABC Board was established following a close referendum on September 19, 1967, authorized by Chapter 195 of the 1967 Session Laws. The decision to open an ABC store was narrowly approved by a vote of 2,482 to 2,438, leading to the first retail sales on December 4, 1967. Another critical vote occurred on May 5, 1994, for mixed beverage sales, which passed by a similarly slim margin of 5,000 to 4,997.

Today, the Concord ABC Board manages seven retail stores and a mixed beverage outlet. The board employs approximately seventy-nine staff, including a general manager, finance officer, purchasing director, area manager, warehouse personnel, and sales associates. These positions are filled by twenty-nine full-time and fifty part-time employees.

The general manager oversees daily operations including personnel supervision and inventory management. The finance officer supports fiscal management and routine operations, while the area manager provides oversight across all retail locations. Sales associates are responsible for product sales, daily stocking, and maintaining the store’s appearance.

Phil from Concord ABC with Forrie J. Smith from the series Yellowstone (Forrie was a Brand Ambassador for the Product Oak and Eden)
Yellowstone Display at Store 4
Waiting in line to get a ticket for the Bourbon Lottery
Barrel Pick by Bourbon Club of Concord named Angel's Tears